Testable Theory of UFOs, ESP, Aliens and Bigfoot

Testable Theory of UFOs, ESP, Aliens, and Bigfoot by Alan Vaughan, Ph. D, and Peter Guttilla
A Testable Theory of UFOs, ESP, Aliens, and Bigfoot
By Alan Vaughan, Ph. D, and Peter Guttilla
Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal, November 1998, pp. 8-10.
Copyright © 1998 by Alan Vaughan and Peter Guttilla.

As part of a scientifically testable theory of UFOs, we hypothesize that
sightings of UFOs, aliens might be an indicator to a hidden universe in other dimensions.
The rotating Earth generates a magnetic field, thought to result from the
spinning of the molten liquid outer core. Strongly influenced by the Sun's
magnetic field, the geomagnetic field continually fluctuates. Solar storms
generate an enormous increase in geomagnetic activity. This fluctuating
activity, which is measured in three-hour periods by observatories around
the world, is averaged into a global geomagnetic activity index and
published by NOAA in Boulder, Colorado.

Over twenty studies1 in the last ten years have established a highly
significant link between low global geomagnetic activity and days when
spontaneous ESP happen most often.
We hypothesize that the human mind expands consciousness into another
dimension to obtain psychic information most easily when the barrier of
geomagnetic activity is low. High geomagnetic activity during magnetic
storms would block access to other dimensions, thus limiting psychic
Physicist James Spottiswoode, research director of Cognitive Sciences
Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, analyzed thousands of laboratory
remote- viewing ESP trials and discovered a highly significant link
between low geomagnetic activity and high ESP performance. The lower the
geomagnetic activity, the better the ESP--during a two-hour window around
a certain sidereal time (13.5 h local sidereal time), which improves the
ESP results by a factor of four. (Sidereal time is relative to the stars
and advances a few minutes each day around the world.)2

UFOs, Aliens, and Bigfoot
Though he is skeptical about UFOs and aliens, Spottiswoode has generously
lent his expertise in geomagnetic analyses to our explorations. He wrote
computer programs to investigate our prediction that there would be a
negative geomagnetic shift from the day before to the three-hour period of
sighting times of aliens, UFOs, and Bigfoot.
Our preliminary findings with a total of 224 sighting dates and times of
94 alien sightings (1977-1996), 73 UFO sightings (1957-1977), and 57
Bigfoot sightings (1973-1995) give overall odds against chance of 3,000 to
1 for our extradimensional hypothesis. Overall, negative geomagnetic
shifts occur 71% of the time (12% above chance). Chance, as determined by
computer analysis of all days in the years of our analyses, is 59.2%. The
effect is strongest in recent years (1992-1996), occurring 84% of the time
(25% above chance).
Perhaps the most surprising result of our analysis was finding that
Bigfoot sightings do not occur at random relative to global geomagnetic
activity, as would be expected if he were merely a hard-to-find Earth
dweller. Instead, the 57 sightings (1973-1995), from John Green3 and
Bigfoot Co-Op,4 occur significantly more often--77% of the time (18% above
chance)--during times of negative geomagnetic shifts from the day before.
Accompanying physical evidence rules out the counter-hypothesis that
people are having hallucinations or seeing phantoms. Illusions don't leave
long trails of deeply-embedded tracks thrice the size of a man's foot.
There's little doubt the creatures known collectively as Bigfoot are real,
and after forty years and more than 4,000 documented sightings nationwide,
the gentle giants continue to prowl the woodlands of North American
unimpeded. They have managed to outrun, outdistance and generally outwit
their would-be captors with unearthly regularity. Dozens of recorded cases
tell of footprints leading into meadows and open fields and abruptly
stopping as if the creature simply vanished. Others describe the
creatures' sudden disappearance in a flash of light or nearby humming and
eerie sounds, or the presence of hovering UFOs. The majority of
researchers ignore these cases. We believe these thorns in the side of
conventional research constitute the single most significant clue to the
true origin of Bigfoot. It is our contention that Bigfoot is a visitor
from elsewhere.
For comparison with Bigfoot we examined claimed sightings of aliens, which
have an advantage over UFO sightings in that they are unlikely to be
confused with natural phenomena. Claimed alien sightings (1977-1996), of
which over 75% are accompanied by landed UFO craft, were taken from Larry
Hatch's UFO Database5 and divided into two groups: 40 multiple-witness and
54 single-witness dates. We felt that multiple-witness sightings of aliens
would show a stronger effect than single-witness sightings. This proved to
be true. Multiple-witness alien sightings occurred significantly more
often during times of negative geomagnetic shifts, at 74% (15% above
chance). Single-witness sightings were not significant, with only 63% (4%
above chance) having a negative shift. Consensual reporting of sighting
times by multiple witnesses is more reliable than that of a single
Perhaps our best sighting data are multiple-witness UFO sighting dates
published 20 years ago in a report that inspected the sighting dates and
times for possible geophysical effects.6 A database of 60,000 UFO reports
was sifted to obtain 73 with precise reporting times, multiple-witnesses,
long duration, and other criteria. The 73 sightings (1957-1977) had been
carefully reviewed by a committee of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).
Our analysis showed that a significant number of the sighting periods--70%
(11% above chance)--had negative geomagnetic shifts from the day before.
This data pushed our odds against chance from an initial 500 to 1 to 3,000
to 1 for our hypothesis.

Future Research
We plan additional research for a book on The Increasing Alien Presence to
determine if our hypothesis--the first scientifically testable theory of
the origin of UFOs--will give even greater evidence that UFOs and the
alien presence come from extradimensional worlds of a hidden universe. We
presently need carefully reviewed multiple-witness UFO sighting dates and
times for the years since 1978 to correspond to the CUFOS-reviewed dates
of 1957-1977, and multiple-witness alien sightings data for the years
before 1977. (Hatch's alien-sighting data before 1977 were at chance; we
believe the cause to be less stringent selection criteria, since he says
he just copied earlier data bases. But in recent years he has included
only reports that have "high strangeness" and reputable witnesses.) We
would be grateful to any readers who may wish to help with this data
gathering and reviewing process.
How might our hypothesis fit into the framework of theoretical physics?
Recently Scientific American published a new theory that in addition to
"our" 10-dimensional universe there is a 10-dimensional parallel
universe.7 Might UFOs come from such a parallel universe--or as we call
it, a hidden universe?
How might our findings help UFO field investigators? Forecasting of solar
storms that increase geomagnetic activity has improved with new satellite
observations of the Sun. Nine out of ten solar storms of the past year
were accurately forecast. These times of very high geomagnetic activity
would be less likely times for the appearances of UFOs--we found no
sightings to occur at those times. The government publishes a monthly
bulletin that forecasts geomagnetic activity. Short-term forecasts are
available on the Internet: Gopher: //proton.sec.noaa.gov/. The recent rate
of 84% (25% above chance) for alien sightings to occur during times of low
geomagnetic activity may give field investigators an advantage in their

Biographical Note
Alan Vaughan, Ph. D., is an internationally known authority on the
paranormal. His has written 200 articles and seven books on the field. He
has been affiliated with the Parapsychological Association for 30 years.
His e-mail address is: AlanPsy@aol.com.
Peter Guttilla has been investigating the Unexplained in Southern
California for 35 years. He has written over 100 articles on the fields of
UFO, Bigfoot, and paranormal research. His e-mail address is:
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